Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Make America Great Again (In the Category of Mean What You Say)

WARNING: This post contains frequent use of the F-word and other expletives. Many other expletives.

CAVEAT: If you voted for Trump, but the state you live in went blue, this post is not about you because your vote didn’t count. If you recant, your crimes against your nation will be expunged after the successful completion of 100 hours of community service feeding hungry people, building homes for the homeless, or walking the doggies at the ASPCA.


I’m angry, and I can’t bottle it up anymore. My fury at the way the GOP let a complete imbecile and a hostile foreign country take over the highest office in our land is too great for me to contain. Now that the first Russian spy has been uncloaked (and rest assured, there are others), I feel the need for a full-blown tantrum. I’ve been holding back, because I think I should be more mature and handle adversity with aplomb.

Fuck that shit.

For me, the hardest part to swallow is the knowledge that ignorant white supremacists posing as patriotic citizens foisted this dangerous sociopath on my once-great nation. (You want to Make America Great Again? Get this fucking criminal and his Russian cronies out of the White House.) People who don’t read, who think Fox News is actually news, who believe their pale and pasty skin color entitles them to special privileges – elected a man who gives zero fucks about them or anyone other than himself. (And yes, I know I’m pale and pasty…it’s nothing to brag about. And, I read.) They believed his lies, wore his ugly, red, Made-in-China hat, and went to the polls to show the world just how ignorant and hateful a large swath of America still is. Owning that so many of my fellow Americans actually feel entitled to be racist, xenophobic, misogynistic bullies has been the most painful part for me. I had thought we were better as a people. I was wrong.

These fuckers even have the nerve to wave the American flag, as if they put a Russian spy in the White House out of some sort of patriotism. Turning one’s country over to a hostile foreign power in a bloodless coup is treason, not patriotism. Did they really believe Trump would bring back their jobs? Jobs they lost overseas to the same companies making those ugly fucking red hats? How gullible are they to believe that a man who bankrupted his own company six times has any clue how to run a country? What kind of cowards are these so-called Americans to discriminate against fellow human beings with so much less than they have, fleeing their own country to avoid death? Make America Hate Again. That’s what Comrade Cheeto meant to say.

Now before anyone gets on my case about “You have to respect the man because of the office,” let me tell you right now: Oh. Hell. No. The bastard thinks he can grab a woman’s crotch whenever he feels like it. I will never ever respect that. That isn’t “locker room talk,” it’s rape talk. DON’T EVER FUCKING NORMALIZE THAT, PEOPLE, AND DON’T EVER EXPECT ME TO.

To add to my ire, I expect our national situation to get worse before it gets better. Rumor has it our intelligence communities won’t give Comrade Cheeto classified briefings any more, because they know the bastard has been compromised by the Kremlin. I can only imagine what sort of disgusting things the Russians have filmed Comrade Cheeto doing or saying, and I have no interest in visualizing them, but I have no trouble believing that Donny is being blackmailed by Putin for something he really (really) did that was very (very) creepy and immoral. When Putin no longer sees a value in Donny as his puppet, he’ll leak the truth. It’s what the Russians do, their modus operandi, if you will. Our national sense of humiliation will be hard to endure, but at least we’ll be able to impeach the piece of shit now sitting in office.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are falling out into two new categories, the not-quite-so-moronic “Oh crap what have I done, this man is a psychopath!” supporters (who will be given full pardons when they recant), and the truly ignorant and dangerous white trash Nazi thugs who now revel in the hate-filled rhetoric and actions taken and endorsed by our Hater In Chief. These cockroaches, now that they have revealed their presence in our society, need to be driven back into their filth-filled caves. Their message of divisiveness and discrimination must be eradicated from America once and for all. That would definitely make America great again.

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  1. Go Kim, an excellent rant. I feel your pain here in the UK. It makes me sick that our prime Minister fawns over him. We have our own fuck wits over here who voted for Brexit , idiots did it because they believe " They tek all of are jerbs"

    Bloody racists boil my piss. Our NHS which the Tories are trying their best to privatise , would fall apart without foreign nurses. Immigrants get all the blame because dimwits are too thick to see its the Tories who have ruined the NHS, stopped building council houses not immigrants coming here fucking everything up.

    Farage, Trumps mate is another hateful narcissistic twat . Trump is mentally ill , he is sick & he is POTUS FFS . He will never change . He has to be the centre of attention all the while & fuck the consequences. Vile horrible fascist .