Saturday, July 13, 2013

Market Day (In the Category of Be Where You Are.) [#52Weeks]

I love many things about the town of Blacksburg, Virginia.  I've been around here since 1984. I live in Christiansburg these days, five miles away, but I work in Blacksburg. I play in Blacksburg. On Market Day, I shop in Blacksburg. The Blacksburg Farmers Market is one of my favorite things about the town. It hasn't been around nearly as long as I have, but they've done it right. It's a keeper. We finally made it down there today, our first visit since last fall when pumpkins and chrysanthemums and the last of the tomatoes filled the stalls. 

They've expanded into the courtyard area behind the permanent structure that they built a few years back. This has made room for tables in front of the food vendors to allow dining al fresco. We like to do that here in Blacksburg. We usually have pretty decent weather. (Been raining all the time lately, but Mountain Lake is refilling -- as the Universe intends.) It's drizzly today (downpours due later, I hear), so the market had some elbow room, some breathing space, some leeway to stop suddenly, bend over, and pet the friendly dogs whose owners bring them on Market Day to socialize.

I like the quality of light on drizzly days, so I took some pictures. Walk through the market with me. It's Market Day. 

The aroma of food cooking leads you straight down this path.
...and music while you dine...

Here's what we scored for tonight's dinner...
For an appetizer, we'll enjoy Red Pepper Hummus with fresh Mountain Brown Bread
The elephant garlic seller gave me tips on when to harvest the garlic that "volunteered" in my kitchen herb garden this spring. His product will be nice in my fresh pesto entree. (Regular garlic is shown for scale.)
Fresh Giles County blueberries and Patrick County peaches with a drizzle of local honey will make a fine dessert tonight.


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  1. That's my Dad playing guitar in the "music while you dine" pic. Go Dad!! Internet famous :D