Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Old Hotel Near the Airport (In the category of Be Where You Are.) #52Weeks

The planes are on time tonight --
From the sounds, both
Departures and arrivals.

My journey only half
Complete, I envy the arrivals
their homecoming,

I know no antonym
For envy. I would not
Wish to  have only just

Departed. I am halfway
Home.  Only a few
Promises left to keep.

I am not waiting to fly.
You are
Not here at all. I am

Alone in an old
Hotel near the airport. Very near
From the sounds of things.

The planes are on time tonight--
Like surf on sand,
The regular roar

Lulls me. Even so, I can
Only dream that I will
Sleep tonight.

The planes are on time...

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